Tag to cease processing the current template

Similar to the way <cfbreak> exits out of a loop, should/could there be a way to exit the current template without aborting the whole request?

Something along the lines of:

<cfif conditional>
    <cfinclude template="someOtherTemplate.cfm" />
    <cftemplatebreak /><!--- the best i could come up with in 5 seconds.  --->

<!--- rest of the template here... --->

like <cfexit method=“ExitTemplate”> ?


+1 for using an existing tag. I wince slightly at the attribute name/value, but given that it follows the existing convention is enough for me to give it a pass.

Perhaps on the .lucee side, it could look more like:

<:exit customtag />
<:exit template />

and optionally be able to parametize the attributes to specify which tag/template to exit:

<:exit template="/path/to/template.(lucee|cfm)" />

similar to the way you can pass a loop tag to break/continue.

@dajester2013 - I think you have misunderstood with @21Solutions was saying, he is saying it already exists.

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My bad, I missed that - there needs to be some line breaks in that box with the attribute values :wink:

you’re right, we need to fix that.

but it existed in CF for years so many of the “old” developers are familiar with it.

Don’t forget you can fix these things yerself!

I’ve done so, and there’s a pull req waiting: https://github.com/lucee/lucee-docs/pull/4


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Muahaha, beat you to it :wink:

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