Strange error message when creating datasource in Lucee

Lucee version
Ubuntu Linux 16.04.1

Hi, friends. May I get your opinion about something? Today, in Lucee - Services - Datasource, I created two datasources. When I created them, I received an error message at the top of the Services - Datasource page. The message referenced an old test page for an old datasource that, a couple of weeks ago, I set up in Lucee. I have since deleted that datasource, and deleted the development web site.

But it looks like Lucee, in creating these two new datasources, was also looking for this older, unrelated datasource.

I attach a screenshot. The datasources were successfully created, but this was a strange, unexpected error message. What do you think caused this error message?


Update: restarting Lucee resolved the problem. I will leave this here for future reference, in case it is useful to anyone. - EB

I’d like to close this topic and mark it Resolved, but I do not see an option to do that. The solution was to restart the Lucee service. =)

I’m making a lot of progress with Lucee, am learning a lot, and have decided to become an individual-level support of Lucee. I really appreciate this great software.

I will probably have more questions soon. =)