Spreadsheet extension?

I need a spreadsheet functionality. Is there a preferred extension or an official extension available;e?

I found these:

Any feed back appreciated.

If I remember correctly, cfspreadsheet mimics the Adobe ColdFusion calls where lucee-spreadsheet is different. If you need ACF code, cfspreadsheet is probably your best bet. I use lucee-spreadsheet but I don’t have much code. Just some quick web pages converting queries to xls.

As @kabutotx says, Andrew’s extension is best if you want to use the <cfspreadsheet> tag and functions just as they are in ACF.

Otherwise the Spreadsheet Library supports all of the functionality available in ACF and quite a bit more besides. For example you can work with password protected .xlsx files, and allow query data to be downloaded as a spreadsheet with just one method call.

thanks for the help!

I couldn’t get the extension to work (it installed but threw an error when using it). I’ll probably try again at some point

lucee-spreadsheet did the trick.

Thank you both.

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