Solution for digital signatures

CF11 added support for digital signatures in LiveCycle-designed PDFs.

We aren’t looking for that exactly (nor would we expect it from Lucee).
Rather, we have a client with a business requirement to take a registration
form (currently a web form), display it, and have the user click a
signature field, whereupon their signature (which they added on an earlier
page) will be inserted, timestamped, and hashed, with the resulting
document made available as a PDF.

To be clear, we do not want to interrupt the flow of a web form with a PDF
and rely on the user having Acrobat to see it. We would just like to
generate a PDF, preferably with an actual digital signature, that would be
available for them to download.

I know there are web services out there that will charge us to do this, but
it seems like it might not be terribly difficult to implement on our own.
Any recommendations for the best tools for this? I think everything except
the digital signature piece can be easily done with the CFPDF in Lucee.

Thank you!
Samuel W. Knowlton
Chief Leagueologist
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