SNAPSHOT Changelogs

Method signatures, return values, etc. really ought to be properly documented whenever changed, at the time of the change.

Items that were changed in snapshots used to be available in the admin so you could see the specific changes - with links to the tickets - and check them out before you opted to upgrade. I really miss that feature.

Now it seems you have to wind your way through JIRA’s search filters to try and see what’s been changed between releases, snaphots, etc.

We used to update each SNAP and test on BE but no longer even look at snaps because it’s never easily clear what’s been worked on.

Maybe we are in the minority, but I find that this discourages us from testing new versions which is - I would think - the antithesis of what the maintainers would want to happen with these snaps?

There are changelogs hidden on the download pages under a popup window.

It would be quite nice to see the snapshot release process auto publish the changelogs to this mailing list.

Unfortunately the LAS approach to commit messages and PRs etc is usually only a link to the JIRA task and there’s often nothing much more written in JIRA beyond a link to the GitHub commit.

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The changelogs on the downloads page are just for the releases though, not snaps. We should be encouraged to test these snapshots but without readily available insight into exactly what has been changed, we’ve no incentive to do so.

I don’t want to hijack this thread and turn it into a gripe-fest but it seems to me that some of this info is readily available and just not exposed to the masses? It used to be so I’m unclear why that would now be hidden.

Granted - as you say Zac - it’s often JIRA tasks with links to commits but at least that’s a start… “help us to help you” right?

@IamSigmund is this information still available but obscured? Or have we changed our release process such that we can no longer publish this information?

I did ask to show the changelogs as a page

Well, it seems the update provider doesn’t include any changelogs anymore?

https also now works