Setting default proxy / getting updates behind proxy server

I’m running a Lucee 5.2.9 instance behind a proxy server, on a Windows machine.

In the Server Administrator, the Services-Update page runs into a timeout:

Invalid response from [].
server failed to return a valid response. Connection Failure

I’ve tried setting the proxy as a Java option in the Lucee-Tomcat Service Control (doing this would work in Adobe ColdFusion):


Those Java system properties are visible to Lucee, I’ve double-checked like this:

<cfset javaSystem = createObject("java", "java.lang.System")>
<b>http.proxyHost</b> #javaSystem.getProperty('http.proxyHost')#<br>
<b>http.proxyPort</b> #javaSystem.getProperty('http.proxyPort')#<br>

…they are just being ignored.

What can I do to make Lucee consider the proxy setting?

turns out you can configure this very easily in the server or web xml config files

<proxy enabled="true" port="9888" server="localhost"/> (username and password are also options)

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