Secure Websockets

Hello everybody,

I’ve a problem with the Lucee websocket extension and thought maybe you guys can help me out. I’ve worked on a chat application within Lucee on a normal http url. I can connect to the websocket and send/receive messages. Later on I want to use the websocket to make a notification system.

But we switched to https a couple of months back. The website works great and uses a valid SSL certificate. But the websocket isn’t doing anything anymore :frowning: so I know it has to do with the SSL connection. In my understanding you need to use port 443 for wss? But it doesn’t matter what I try, it just doesn’t work.

I’m a bit lost on where to look and how to test this. I’m only good at programming, not the server side of it. Do I need to look in tomcat? Or in the IIS windows server configuration? I’ve no idea. So if somebody could help pointing me in the right direction then I would be grateful!