SAMLv2 or WS-FED Single sign On

Has anyone used Lucee to handle responses from a single sign-on process that sends back SAMLv2 or WS-Fed responses? I have a client needing that integrated into their existing application.

If so, did you write all from scratch or use a library? I found this CFC from 2017 but have not yet tried it.

Thoughts and/or recommendations? Connection has to be SAMLv2 or WS-Fed, that is what is available to my client to consume.

Thank you!

I’ll throw out there that if you don’t find a good solution–or you find one and spend time trying to cobble it and give up, there is a vendor who offers CFML-based integration of SAML and SSO. See

Not free, but not terribly expensive in the world of SSO vendors I’ve observed (like onelogin). I can attest that they are very responsive from a customer service and pre-sales perspective–again unlike some other vendors who may have offered CFML solutions in the past but have let them rot on the vine.

This inspired me to write and update the Giancarlo’s code. See my post on it at CFML SSO demo app for consumption of SAML response . Unfortunately, for OneLogin users, I removed OneLogin as a provider. However, I tried to make the updated code modular enough to support different identity providers and I hope someone can help adding OneLogin back into the mix!