SAMLv2 or WS-FED Single sign On

Has anyone used Lucee to handle responses from a single sign-on process that sends back SAMLv2 or WS-Fed responses? I have a client needing that integrated into their existing application.

If so, did you write all from scratch or use a library? I found this CFC from 2017 but have not yet tried it.

Thoughts and/or recommendations? Connection has to be SAMLv2 or WS-Fed, that is what is available to my client to consume.

Thank you!

I’ll throw out there that if you don’t find a good solution–or you find one and spend time trying to cobble it and give up, there is a vendor who offers CFML-based integration of SAML and SSO. See

Not free, but not terribly expensive in the world of SSO vendors I’ve observed (like onelogin). I can attest that they are very responsive from a customer service and pre-sales perspective–again unlike some other vendors who may have offered CFML solutions in the past but have let them rot on the vine.