S3 Mapping randomly fails permanently

Lucee version

When my application starts, I use cfadmin to create a mapping to an S3 folder:
<cfadmin action="updateMapping" type="server" password="#application.systemConfig.luceeAdminPassword#" virtual="/s3" physical="#application.s3.url#" archive="" primary="physical">

On rare occasion, my server starts reporting NullPointerExceptions any time it tries to access S3 via those mappings. Reads and writes fail and will continue to do so until I fix it. To fix it, all I have to do is instruct my server to redo the mapping, which is also done using the same code that Application.cfc invokes when the server starts.

I’m having trouble tracking down what might be causing the initial failure. Can anyone suggest which logs I should dig through and what to look for in those logs to narrow down the culprit?

Is this maybe a known bug that could be fixed by upgrading to a newer version of Lucee?

please raise a ticket for this (issues.lucee.org) and don’t forget to at the java stacktrace to the ticket. AN NPE ticket without the stacktrace is nearly impossible to solve.