S3 jar not updated after upgrading to the latest Lucee version via lucee.jar

I ran into a bug with S3 that I found was fixed (I was running

S3 bug: https://github.com/lucee/extension-s3/commit/982372c41f1fde5d34b182c612d656add4cc17eb

I replaced the lucee.jar with the latest version ( and deleted all of the jars in
lucee-server/bundles to make sure all jars were updated. I noticed that the same s3-extension-0-9-4-101.jar from the old version was pulled down again and that jar does not contain the fix from the bug above. If you download and run on it’s own it contains s3.extension-

The admin shows the proper version but the supporting jars in /bundles are different between the full download and the updated version. It would be painful to update everything in place and I’d rather got he normal update route but I need to get the S3 updated jar. If I delete the jar and overwrite it with 3.extension- upon restart it pulls down s3-extension-0-9-4-101.jar again.

I would think the latest lucee.jar would update the supporting jars otherwise there would seem to be a mismatch in the versions although the admin in both cases reports


I was able to work around this issue by modifying lucee-server/context/lucee-server.xml

Specifically, I updated:

<resource-provider arguments="lock-timeout:10000" bundle-name="s3.extension" bundle-version="" class="org.lucee.extension.resource.s3.S3ResourceProvider" scheme="s3"/></resources>

 <resource-provider arguments="lock-timeout:10000" bundle-name="s3.extension" bundle-version="****" class="org.lucee.extension.resource.s3.S3ResourceProvider" scheme="s3"/></resources>

This made me realize that the update process for Lucee is flawed. Updating lucee.jar does not update all dependent Jar files. Even though you may see a specific version of Lucee in the logs and admin the underlying dependencies may be different so you may run into old bugs that were supposed to be fixed. If you download the latest version you get all of the updates but if you update an existing version you do not.