S3 bucket failing to add and causing 100% CPU load

Hi All,

I originally posted this in the Discourse forum but seems we are moving
over here, so lets try again…

We have a problem with adding one particular S3 bucket to Lucee as a
mapping. We have several S3 buckets, all on the same AWS account and using
the same S3 credentials to access them. Two of the S3 buckets added fine
but the 3rd will not add, it just gets stuck on the “Please Wait” screen
and the CPU usages on the server ramps up to 100% and stays there (java
process using all) until you remove the mapping from the config file and
restart Lucee. If you don’t remove it from the config file before
restarting Lucee, Lucee gets stuck starting up.

We have gone back to a Railo install and have the same problem with this
particular bucket. This particular bucket is very big, a million plus
files, where as the other two only have several hundred files.

Is Lucee/Railo attempting to do some sort of scan of the files when you add
the bucket as a mapping? If so is there anyway to stop it from doing this?


Kind regards,