Run cfm after server start

What would be the best way to kick of a .cfm file that would startup at server start? I can get close to this with cfscheadule with a 1 min delay. But looking for a faster more immediate approach?

+1 here.
I need to run some unit code after server is up

Would onApplicationStart not suffice?

onApplicationstart() would run once for every application plus it would only run once a web page had been hit.

This is the real answer IMO, but it’s not implemented yet :confused:

Maybe if you make some noise on that ticket it will garner some attention.

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I thought that was implemented? Or maybe just the web.cfc so far… if so, perhaps that could suffice?

server.cfc was what I was looking for. I guess next best thing is a curl after startup so I’ll try that next.