RESTful web service or API

I played with it quite a bit lately especially on the provider / producer side…
and for security, if we just go with basic authentication such as api-key ( token ), it can be easily done from both provider/producer side and consumer side.

If I have some time over the weekend, I’ll do some write-up with some code (just a few lines should do) to share with the community if interest exists.

Upon further review of Lucee on Windows, I took back my above observation, Lucee REST seems unreliable at best. After adding the second rest app, lucee responded with "no rest service for [myrestcfc2] found in mapping [/myapp2map]. Since Tomcat acts as Server Container, I suspect lucee rest mapping somehow failed to pass on to tomcat correctly. Has the current version of lucee solved this critical problem?

Edit 2:
Upon further thinking, a viable alternative exists, not wsdl, I’ll explore more…