Reporting Lucee Web Admin issues

Where do we report bugs in the Web Admin UI?

There is a bug in the mail server interface for sending a test email. There is no place to put a from address and no default from address. This cause the email to fail with no from address error.

Windows 10 Pro
OpenJDK 11.0.6_10
Jetty 9.4.26
Lucee &

it’s a known issue, the bug database is here

Zac again thanks for the email. Where is the admin source code kept? I can just fix this issue as it will help in the debug of the other parts.

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all work is done on the 5.3 branch

the admin code is here

I usually just take a copy of that folder and save it under my webroot under /lucee/admin2 and play around there

you can also do that with a sparse check out

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Ok. That was quick to fix. I am setting up so I can create a pull request now.

well I think I messed up the title but the pull request was created with the 2 changes to fix the issue.


Can you check for an existing bug in JIRA, file a new bug if necessary