Release Installers

Could we possibly get an installer for the latest version ( please?

Is it possible, I’m not sure how they’re built at the moment, for this to be automated so that on each release the installer is included to?

I ask as this is how we install Lucee in our Docker environment. We build a Lucee image which is from debian installing Lucee based on a version tag. We then use this image for our projects. So for a new version / upgrade, we download the installer to our CDN and tag the project with this new version number and CI takes care of the rest, which we can then apply to our other projects for testing.

Thanks in advance


Thanks :slight_smile:

(The installer is there now)

The installers since the Railo days have been manually built by Jordan Michaels of Viviotech using a BitRock installer software that only he has the license for. We have an internal process where @IamSigmund contacts him to create the installers for each new build, which usually takes a few days after our automated Travis-CI builds push the new version to the download page. We’ve discussed automating this or creating a brand new installer in the past but for the time being have stuck with the existing process.

Yes, we’re definitely going to be automating this. I think we’ll be able to switch to an automated process by later this year. And yes, the installers for 5.2.8 were a bit late for that release, due to summer schedules and such. Just went up today! More soon re: automating the installers.