Reinstall Lucee in CentOS

Hi guys,

I would like ask if theres anyone can share on how to uninstall and re-install Lucee on my CentOS server?

I already tried to googling internet but i cant find the right answer

By the way the reason i like to do this is that Lucee instance on my server was automatically shutting down every 10mins

I also tried to research about this but no luck finding the answer… Btw im quite newbie on setting up Lucee CFML on my own…

Thank you in advance

There should just be three main things to remove:

  1. The files in /opt/lucee
  2. Any Apache web modules.config installed
  3. Any init.d or system.d services

That said, the fact that Lucee is “shutting down” is probably some sort of issue in your code and you’d likely be better off troubleshooting it first. Start with the logs and a tool like FusionReactor for a peek under the hood.

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