Refresh session variables

Is there a way to refresh session variables mid-script? And should it be necessary to do so anyway?

We’re writing a script to handle the situation where a payment page is submitted more than once. The simplified script below shows how we use a transaction to manage locking the session. We have multiple nodes, use a datasource for session data and include this.sessioncluster=true in our Application.cfc.

If you run the script in a few browser windows, each returns “1”. I expected that only the first call would return “1” and subsequent pages called while the first transaction was processing would return an error.

<cfset session.display=1>
<cftransaction action="begin" isolation="serializable">
<cfquery name="sessionlock" datasource="customer">
  select customer from customer where customer='1' for update
<cfset structdelete(session,"display")>
<cfset sleep(5000)>

Is this a bug or am I mistaken? If I am mistaken, is there a way to refresh the session data after the start of the transaction?


with <cflock> you could lock on session or even request level. You can make the lock even exclusive, so that no other request can read or write the data in the same time.