Refind failed with lucee4 docker image


I’m using lucee4 docker image for my ubuntu 16.04 box and i’m doing some data manipulation with an cfhttp call.
The following syntax failed
<cfset s = refind("gold",cfhttp.fileContent,1,true,"all")>
err msg to the effect "too much parameters for “refind”
while the one instance search is fine but I need all the instances or occurences
‘<cfset s = refind(“Scheduled”,cfhttp.fileContent)>’

Such syntax for multiple instances for refind works fine even for my lucee on my local windows box.
Any quick way to fix the bug?


Did you try 5.3? You know 4.5 is no longer maintained

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Not a bug.

5th argument wasn’t valid until CF2016. Before Lucee 4’s time.

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Ok, thanks.