READ_COMMITTED and SERIALIZABLE are the only valid transaction levels

Today I started getting
"READ_COMMITTED and SERIALIZABLE are the only valid transaction levels " Oracle errors from Lucee.
This is the first time is happened. I was using v12 of the Oracle driver.
I downgraded the driver to v11 and the problem went away, for about 6 hours. Now its back. Nothing changed, Im pulling my hair out over this one.
Any ideas for troubleshooting? Ive reinstalled the drivers, upgrade and downgraded the drivers, built a new Lucee instance, had several beers, and flipped a table, but nothing is working. Why would it not work, then work, and then mysteriously not work again?

so this just started happening, but not before?

please always state exact versions of Lucee and Java :slight_smile:

here is the bug about this

there was a recent change in 5.3.6 relating to transactions

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Thanks @Zackster
Running on CommandBox 5.2.0-alpha+00192
Using the Oracle 11 driver on Lucee
This morning Ive downgraded to and the issue is not present.
Upgraded to, issue is not present
Upgraded to and the issue reoccurs
Upgraded to issue persists

I would suggest that I upgraded Lucee during the course of the day as I was building a CommandBox container, and didnt relate the Oracle issue to the system upgrade.

That said, is it likely the changes in LDEV-2604 are setting the wrong default isolation level for Oracle or something like that? I had a look at those changes, but Im not a Java dev so cant be sure whats actually going on in there.

sounds like a regression :frowning:

can you file a bug with a simple test case so the Lucee devs can reproduce the error?

link it back to this post, LDEV-2604 and add the labels regression and oracle


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