Railo to Lucee Linux

Hey guys,

I’ve been running Railo for the past 3 years and have decided to upgrade to Lucee however I’m having issues with it pointing to the default web root.


Where should I modify to config to change this location? Have seen a few posts with migration in Windows but non with Linux.


If you are using apache-tomcat then edit the Apache host file, e.g.:
nano /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Point the DocumentRoot to the right directory.
DocumentRoot "/webdirroot"

You have also to set the path in the Directory Tag.
<Directory "/webdirroot">

Edit the tomcat server.xml file, e.g.:
nano /opt/lucee/tomcat/conf/server.xml

There should be an entry for your domain, e.g.:

<HOST name="mydomain.com" appBase="webapps">
  <Context path="" docBase="/webdirroot/mydomain.com" />


Thanks Christoph,

Yes I’ve always had that setup prior to upgrading to Lucee. I also double checked and those settings are still correct.

Although my server.xml still resides in the /opt/railo/tomcat/conf/ dir

Is there anywhere else that Lucee could have overwritten the previous Railo / Tomcat config?


Probably you know this already: setup instructions from Railo to Lucee 4.5 can be found here:

If you want to update to Lucee 5 a clean installation of Apache, Tomcat and Lucee with the installer could be recommended.


Hey Christoph,

Thanks but I’ve already read that and tried a number of times. It seems as though Lucee is bypassing the Apache conf files.

Didn’t really want to do another reinstall. Might have to stick with Railo for now.