Questions about the JVM and Tomcat upgrades

Is there documentation about which JVM versions can be used for Lucee?

Does the bundled JVM ever get updated when I use the Lucee updater inside the Lucee admin?

Does the bundled Tomcat ever get updated?

I assume not. In that case, how can I determine which JVM versions and which Tomcat versions I should be using?

The recent Adobe ColdFusion security update, which mentions "Adobe recommends updating your ColdFusion JDK/JRE to the latest version of the LTS releases for 1.8 and JDK 11. Applying the ColdFusion update without a corresponding JDK update will NOT secure the server. " has got me thinking about this.


As far as I understand, a JVM is supported as long as the underlying Java version is supported.

You can find the actual information about the supported Java versions from the Lucee docs here.

No. The admin only updates the Lucee servlet. You need to update the JDK by yourself. But updating the jdk is fairly easy. You just need to make the Tomcat service point to the new JDK directory.

That is how I usually do it, without changing any configuration or service settings:

  1. download and unzip the new AdoptOpenJDK to the Lucee directory
  2. stop the Tomcat service
  3. rename the working jdk directory (e.g. c:\lucee\jdk to c:\lucee\jdk_bak
  4. rename the downloaded jdk directory to the actual working directory name (e.g. c:\lucee\downloadedJDK to c:\lucee\jdk
  5. restart Tomcat
  6. Watch the logs at c:\lucee\tomcat\logs

Doing it that way you won’t need to edit OS service configurations and you still have the copy of the old jdk sitting in your Lucee directory.

No, it’s also on you. Please find some information about updating Tomcat from this community post about Tomcat updates and upgrades (please read all user posts)