queryExecute and null params

I’ve recently updated my dev environment to Lucee 5 RC, and am in the
process of refactoring my script query calls to use queryExecute() instead
of the queryService, because I find the code much easier… But I then had
issues with null params…

After banging my head against my code for hours, I finally found reference
to LDEV-364:


This is a fix for the fact that queryExecute params expect an argument
“nulls” instead of the logical “null”, which would mirror the syntax

However, this seems to have been pulled out again in LDEV-658:


A couple of questions on this:

  1. Should the syntax really be “nulls” or “null”?
  2. If it should be “nulls”, should we retain the option to specify it as
  3. Why was the original fix pulled out?