QofQ not respecting Preserve Case

I have set “Key Case” to “Preserve Case” in the admin. All of my queries seem to respect the Preserve Case but if I use QueryExecute to do a Query of Queries

inventory2 = queryExecute(
				select thisDate, sum(thisUr) as UnitsRemaining
				from inventory
				where roomTypeId > 0
				group by thisDate
				order by thisDate
			,	{}
			,	{dbtype:"query"}

thisDate and UnitsRemaining are both returned in UPPERCASE. I have tried using processdirective(perserveCase=true) inside the function that I am doing the QofQ in but it doesn’t change anything.

Any ideas?

I think ‘Preserve case’ were not supported for queries, It obey only for struct keys. Test a struct key with preserve case, it returns the original case of the key.