Problem with latest MySQL driver bundle 6.0.2

Just a warning to anyone who has or is about to upgrade their MySQL extension bundle to the recently released version 6.0.2 that there seems to be a serious problem with it:

Importantly the issue only kicks in when you restart Lucee 5. If you’ve already upgraded and haven’t yet restarted then you should downgrade to the previous version beforehand.


thought it was by design, so always recreated the datasource. Thanks for clarifying.

I have the same issue, also with the latest 6.0.5 bundle of MySQL datasource bundle. I’m on the latest stable Lucee release, on Windows. After restarting Lucee the error occurs. Downgrading to 5.1.38 solves the error - I will stick with this until this error has been resolved. Might be good to NOT listen to the “Upgrade Me!” banner once in a while!