Populating an IN statement with Query execute


Any thought on how to use the IN Statment populated form an array in the query params?

Query execute argument horror



That does not work. Even if you put a ‘Comma Separated list into a variable’ and put that variables into the in that will not work ether. The problem does not seem to be unique to Lucee. See this tread regard parameterized query’s in C#


I’d still like to have this function in lucee


Why are you writing your query strings, arguments, parameters directly into the queryExecute function?

this.config = {'datasource': '[DB_NAME]};
this.args = {'param_one': [VAL_ONE], 'param_two': [VAL_TWO]};
this.sql = 'SELECT * FROM -TABLE- WHERE param = :param_one'; 
queryExecute(this.sql, this.args, this.config)


use a QueryParam with list=true


Does not work in QueryExecute


Then that might be a bug that should be addressed.

Care to open a ticket in the JIRA?