Pointing Lucee to httpdocs

Using Lucee on a Linux server - the webroot is httpdocs. Could anyone please tell me in simple words how to persuade Lucee to look for its document root there?

I found this - is it still the way to do that?


have you looked into mod_cfml https://viviotech.github.io/mod_cfml/ ?

it automates setting up the connections between lucee and your webserver

thank you but no. I don’t want to install anything else, there is no need to automate anything, I just want to tell Lucee once where the source files are, and so far, I haven’t found how to do that

assuming you are using apache

mod_cfml does all this for you based on your configured websites, but if you want to do everything manually, have fun!

no, I don’t want to do anything manually if it is complicated, I just thought it could be as easy as just entering a folder somewhere in the admin :slight_smile:

so you’ll try mod_cfml? there’s a good reason it exists :slight_smile:

I’ll first ask the admin to add the path in server.xml - two people told me that is the simplest way to do it