Permissions of created directory

When using cfdirectory if the path contains father directories that not exists, it also created. When using a unix mode, that permissions only applies to the last directory not the complete path. Example:

note: /tmp/my/ doesn’t exists.

cfdirectory(directory="/tmp/my/complete/path/", action="create", mode="777")

ls -l /tmp/my/

drwxr-xr-x  complete

ls -l /tmp/my/complete/

drwxrwxrwx path

is there a way that the /tmp/my/complete/ directory was also created with 777 mode? (there are a recurse option, but it seems that doesn’t apply to create action)

For specific functionality that isn’t supported by the tag, it’s almost just as easy to use “cfexecute” to run the “chown” command - assuming the user account Lucee is running under has the rights to do that of course.

Making a directory executable is making your system begging to be hacked.