Perm Gen Space


Erm… wow.

I’m pretty sure I’d run Windows 10 64bit and virtualize a 32bit “machine” to run the old stuff before I installed 32bit on bare metal. Especially given how transparent something like VMware Fusion is on a mac w/ Unity… Virtual PC, windows containers, vmware… I’m sure there’s a better solution. Better to run the host OS at 64bit with full power and use that for things you can leverage 64B for… and the 32bit VM isn’t going to suffer much from virtualization - it’ll suffer from being memory cramped regardless.

You can’t run these apps on dos/WOW? Are you truly running DOS or just old windows? (Windows 95? XP)?

I realize this is OT and probably more political/policy than technical, it’s just really surprising to me.


Hi Joe!

To answer your questions, these are pure DOS apps (I believe they’re written in Foxpro 2.0?), started up via command line (cmd.exe) on Windows 10 32b. They’ve been unable to run in emulators (e.g. DOSbox, etc.) and have major issues with some of the custom hardware that runs off of serial and parallel ports as well as some keyboard commands (these apps are “pre-mouse”) when trying virtual pc, vmware, etc. and besides they run painfully slow in those environments compared to on bare metal.

Microsoft still fully supports 32b with Windows 10 and Office, etc. so for the several hundred workstations using it there’s really no issue at all. Aside from some of this dev work for Lucee, there is nothing in use that could/would “leverage 64b power.”

As I said earlier, there are plenty of ways around this for Lucee dev workstations (which are very few) Simply use a diff system that has no access to the DOS apps, etc. - so it’s not as though the issue is a huge blocker moving forward.

The issue is a million line log file that oughtn’t be happening regardless, or at least should be able to be turned off especially because it’s meaningless. I don;t think we really know yet whether the 32-bitness is even related to it…