Performance Analyzer Extension v1.0.2.2

What does the Performance Analyzer do you ask?

It provides an aggregate view over your debug logs, so rather than looking at debug logs one by one, you can get an overall picture of what specific code is running slowly on your Lucee server, plus some additional reports about memory and Lucee threads

  • New Slowest Templates Report (by function)
  • New Timer Report
  • New Exceptions Report
  • Drill down to s specific template in the Variable Scoping and Templates report
  • All tables are sortable, just click the header row

Available in your Lucee admin under Applications

Please star the github repo it if you like it / use it / etc


You ROCK ZACK!!! Thanks!!!


thanks, I did swear aloud with joy the first time I got that templates report working


Yikes! That was quick:

Great extension!
Regarding scopes, I always used a special debugging template to log implicit access.
I ignored variable scope issues in cfm files and also some Lucee tags like cflock:

	<cfloop query="local.implicitAccess">
		  right(local.implicitAccess.template, 3) EQ "cfc" AND
		  NOT listFindNoCase("cfquery,cfcatch,cfstoredproc,cfhttp,cflock,cffile,file,cfthread,cfdocument,cfftp,request",>
			<cflog file="contens_implicit" text="#serialize(queryslice(local.implicitAccess, local.implicitAccess.currentrow, 1))#">
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