Passing an array to db update CFC

I’m re-creating an application I previously wrote in Flash (Flash > CFC > CF > mySQL) to one using JavaScript > CFC > Lucee > mySQL and all is going well but I’m stuck with a problem.

I need to update a DB record which has around 100 fields and it seems to me that the easiest CFC processing is for it to use an array but so far I’m unable to find a way to pass the updated record, a JavaScript array, to the CFC. I did it in Flash but can’t find a way to do it in JavaScript.

I’m sure that others have solved this and could help me move forward.

OK, with some fiddling to overcome a typo and my stupidity, I find that when I use JavaScript Ajax to call the CFC function and pass a JavaScript array to an argument of type array, I can access it as an array:


Problem solved!