Parse an XML File


I struggle to walk over an XML file and extract data. The attached xml is an example file I try to walk over and I look for date in the table. In fact I’d like to loop between ticket numbers 54505586 and 57949164 and extract the data.

Can anyone give me a hint please

Many thanks


In general:

  1. Load the XML in a variable
  2. Parse the XML - returns an “XML document object”
    The XML document object represents the whole XML and can be used like structs and arrays.
  3. Search the XML document object with xpath (XPath Syntax)
    The search result can be used like the XML document object.
    xmlData = "<foo><bar/></foo>";
    xmlObj = xmlParse(xmlData);
    result = xmlSearch(xmlObj, "//bar");

Thanks you Walter
First time I really deal with XML so I will give it a try and revert

Hi Walter
hmm, still can’t find anything. If I upload my xml file to an xml parser and search for the first ticketnumber I get the following path back: object/html/body/div/table/tr
However using xmlSearch with that path returns an empy array. I can dump the whole xml and follow the path so it’s all there but xmlSearch doesn’t find my first ‘tr’


This is very weird, I’ve tried so many options but nothing seem to work. So my steps are:

  1. download html file
  2. apply xmlParse that file
  3. xmlSearch

The example of the file is in my first post


The easiest xpath to get all rows of your html data would be:

xmlSearch(xmlObj, "//tr");

In your example I assume object is wrong:

xmlSearch(xmlObj, "html/body/div/table/tr");

If xmlSearch doesn’t work, you can still walk the XML document object.
As long as your html data has always the same structure it works.

    xmlObj = xmlParse(xmlData);
    rows = xmlObj.html.body.div.table.xmlChildren;
    currentRow = 0;
    for(row in rows){
        //the first 4 rows are header
        if(currentRow < 5){ continue; }
        //row 5, 6 ...

A gist with your data (had to replace # with ##).

When I tried to use xmlSearch in the gist with your data, it returned nothing. The result was the same in Lucee and in the CF-Versions.

This may be a bug in CF or the XML-Libraries or a problem with your data or just a problem with the gist servers. Don’t know.

And this works with XMLsearch()

<cfset xmlFile = fileread(expandpath("./statement.xml"))>
<cfset res = xmlParse(xmlFile)>
<cfset ser = XmlSearch(res,'//*[local-name()="table"]')> <!--- Returns table --->
<cfset serTr = XmlSearch(ser[1],'//*[local-name()="tr"]')> <!--- Returns tr --->
<cfdump var="#serTr#">
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Thanks Walter and Raymond

XmlSearch(ser[1],’//*[local-name()=“tr”]’ was the solution. Not sure why my htm/xml file doesn’t react like normal but now I can access the data and my import works without using manual workaround (open in Excel and save as csv)

Many thanks!!