Parameter required but not passed in

I have a Javascript application which uses Ajax to access a mySQL DB managed by Lucee via CFC’s. In this application I have a number of arrays but there there are 2 which I pass to CFC’s. “Rec” is always part of a successful interaction whilst a “Deliv” interaction always fails and the failure produces an entry in the Lucee log which says “The parameter poRec to function myTest is required but was not passed in”. The problem is that the parameter was provided in the Ajax call. Substituting Rec produces no such message. Now, the structure of the arrays is different in that Rec only has 1 row but around 100 columns whist Deliv has some 50 rows but only 6 columns. Neither use named values. I’m hoping the groups’ experience can guide me further.

Answered my own question. It seems that it can’t handle a multi-dimensional array. When I converted the array Deliv to a single dimension, the CFC was quite happy. That’s why Rec always worked.

Going from:

Deliv[0][0]…[5] to Deliv[0]