OutOfMemoryError but

I’m trying to process via cfhttp a request that is a 4.7GB XML file. Lucee’s response:
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space

So my settings are
Initial Memory Pool: 12000 MB
Maximum Memory Pool: 32000 MB

(Yes, I did restart Lucee after updating)

How much more could it possibly need to process such a file? Seems like I have plenty to spare. Any idea how to get this working? Thanks in advance.

try loading from a file and see if cfhttp is your issue.

Is the crash parsing the XML, or just downloading it with cfhttp?

As an aside:
I would avoid loading large files in memory. If you only need a certain subset using a SAXParser to just find it without ever storing in memory would be better.

The memory required to process a structure like XML might be a multiple of the disk storage space. It would depend on how complex the structure is you are trying to represent in memory.