OT: ubuntu 16.04 du utility question

Sorry for the OT.

Why does du utility have such a large discrepancy or was there some flaw in my use of it?

me@ubuntu-s-2vcpu-4gb-nyc1-01:~/lucee/www$ du -mxs /home/* |sort -nr
404     /home/me
1       /home/userme
me@ubuntu-s-2vcpu-4gb-nyc1-01:~/lucee/www$ du -mxs /home/me/* |sort -nr
275     /home/me/fabric-samples
1       /home/me/prereqs-ubuntu.sh
1       /home/me/lucee

In addition, I have the following largest chunk of diskspace usage:
1139 /usr
404 /home
205 /var
159 /lib

And I’ve remove all the stuff under /var/cache, so, the /var folder probably cannot be freed up any further. And here’s the /usr folder’s usage spread:
360 /usr/lib
335 /usr/bin
242 /usr/src
153 /usr/share

And under /usr/share, I’ve already deleted stuff under /usr/share/doc and /usr/share/man

I have an important app running, if at all possible I do not want to reboot the remote ubuntu box.

Many thanks.

Although I can’t answer your question…if this is on amazon ec2, I’d create an image, then a new instance and play with that. It only takes about 5 mins once you get used to it and if you make a mistake your “important app” is still running.

Sorry for late response. I’m not on amazon ec2.