Oracle driver?

Is there an updated Oracle driver? I can’t find anything except a dead link to old versions of Oracle.

Hi @iansr Welcome! What dead link to an old driver version of Oracle do you mean exactly? Where is that dead link posted, so it can be corrected?

I’m not sure which drivers of Oracle do you mean in detail, but I was able to install at least Oracle Extension Version with Lucee Express from within Lucees Server Administrator ( see Extensions => Applications and look for the Oracle extension).

I don’t have an oracle driver option for install in my admin. Lucee

scroll down? :slight_smile:

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I don’t have any uninstalled options in my screen.

You may have a firewall issue that’s blocking Lucee’s access to the update provider to get the list of available extensions.

Is there a way to manually download them? I can’t make any changes to the firewall.

You can download the official Lucee extensions here:
And community-contirbuted extensions here:

Place the .lex file in the server context’s deploy folder and it will get automatically installed within 60 seconds once the server is running.

Great, thanks. It worked. Now I can get back to evaluation.