/opt/lucee/jdk/ strangeness

I set out to upgrade the JRE version that came with my Lucee install for Linux 64-bit. So I tried following the docs located here:

During the upgrade process I noticed something strange. The /opt/lucee/jdk/jre directory contained yet another jre directory, like this /opt/lucee/jdk/jre/jre

So, following instructions to upgrade the JRE did not work because it seems the lucee installer for linux creates this mess of a directory structure under /opt/lucee/jdk/jre

To verify this, I uninstalled Lucee, deleted the /opt/lucee directory and downloaded and installed the installer for Linux. Sure enough, it created the same directory structure with the extra jre/ directory. If I delete the extra jre directory, Lucee will not start. It seems there are elements of java that Lucee uses under the /opt/lucee/jdk/jre and the /opt/lucee/jdk/jre/jre directories.

This seems like a bug in the installer. What I really want to do is upgrade the JRE but I don’t know how to go about it.


The Lucee installer for Linux 64-bit seems to do the exact same thing at the 4.5.006 installer. Installing on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

So is this issue being ignored because I unknowingly committed a faux pas when I posted it or is there another place I need to post this ??

don’t worry, it just sometimes it takes a while for somebody to respond.

as it’s a bug with the installer, you could file a bug about the installer here

Ran into the same issue and found out it is due to some new features in the JRE.
Just run the /opt/lucee/tomcat/bin/configtest.sh file to find out that the error is due to

<JAVA_HOME>/lib/endorsed is not supported. Endorsed standards and standalone APIs

I’m not an expert at JRE, but I found some explanation in the following doc https://docs.oracle.com/javase/9/migrate/toc.htm#JSMIG-GUID-8E83E51A-88A3-4E9A-8E2A-66E1D66A966C

Hope it helps

That answers the why. I appreciate the response. Now, if we can just find out how to upgrade the JRE in an existing Lucee install we’ll be golden.


Here’s Vivio’s internal notes on switching Lucee to the system-based JRE for Ubuntu:

SUP-8494243-170918-1002-84.pdf (3.5 KB)

Hope this helps you.

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@Jordan_Michaels. Awesome. Thanks a lot. i’ll give that a try.