One error - 6000+ error log entries

So, this is strange and I am sure it’s something I am (not?) doing that is causing it.

Old style CF app. But, very small. Simple form.

cfquery to get about 20 records (5 data fields, 3 of which are two digit numbers the other two are 128 varChar). Again, very small.

Loop the query…

Reference a variable which is not present in the query (by accident)…

Page then takes 35 seconds to load and the log file grows from a few kb to over 10.5 MB, rolls over and keeps going.

Error logging app proceeds to log over 6000 identical errors. It’s still going as I type this. Doesn’t stop.

Why would that happen?

How much data/rows do you have in the database? Maybe you could add an index to improve speed?(maybe you can test your query against the same database with a third-party tool and see how long it takes there. eg. phpmyadmin/mysql workbench.)

What error do you encounter in the log files?
Its hard to tell without knowing the exactly cause of the issue.

Sorry, I don’t think my post explained the issue. For now, I’ve removed the third party logging tool and the problem has stopped.

The issue was/is that when an error was generated (pick any error, such as referencing “foo” when “foo” did not exist) would cause a standard Lucee/CF error. But with the third party logging tool enabled (IronGate, an old CF logger), the error would generate over and over and over and not stop until I restarted Lucee. This caused over 6000 copies of the same error in IronGate.