Hi Guys,

I am posting this for one of our user group members who is doing a
presentation on Lucee and he had some questions.

"Hey Folks,

I’m scheduled to do a presentation on Lucee to the NVCFUG the 4th
Wednesday of March. Are there any assets from Lucee that I can use in my
presentation? Anything I should or shouldn’t focus on in terms of the
differences between Lucee and Railo, or ACF? Are there any marketing do’s
or do not’s that I should consider when giving my presentation? Inquiring
minds want to know :slight_smile: This session will be recorded and available for
future reference, so I’d like to get a better understanding of how to best
present Lucee (to primarily CF developers already using Railo) that will
help promote and benefit Lucee overall. Any suggestions would be most
welcome and appreciated :)"

Thanks for help in advance,


George Murphy