No matching function [CANONICALIZE] found (Lucee

I guess I am almost done.
I still get the error:
Lucee Error (expression)
Message No matching function [CANONICALIZE] found
Stacktrace The Error Occurred in
D:\websites\\wheels\global\internal.cfm: line 7

5: */
6: public string function $canonicalize(required string input) {
7: local.rv = canonicalize(arguments.input, false, false);
8: if (IsNull(local.rv)) {
9: local.rv = "";

The lucee docs say, that the canonicalize function is implemented.
Maybe it’s somehow deactivated?
How do I handle this?

I am on
Win Server 2008 R1

@tapirus, Please install the OWASP ESAPI extension
Applications --> not installed --> under the snapshots.

The OWAS ESAPI extension is not listed under application in the lucee server admin.
Neither under releases, pre releases nor snapshots.
I have the feeling yesterday I have seen it there.

I will try to upload it manually.
After uploading the extension manually it works.