New web context, can't set password (Lucee

On my Windows Server 2019 I have created a couple of Lucee websites a few months ago, no problems.

Today I have created a new site in IIS, created a new directory, updated the host file, and then browsed to
[domain name]/lucee/admin/web.cfm

I was expecting to see a ‘type password / retype password’ screen. Instead I see a standard login screen as if the password had already been created. WEB-INF is created in the correct folder when I hit the admin screen. (If I delete this folder, then browse to the admin page again, it is recreated.) lucee-web.xml.cfm does not contain a hspw.

If I login to the web context with the admin password, I see the correct webroot and configuration file paths.

Any suggestions?

As an additional ‘feature’ of this issue, I am getting “Access is protected” to ANY password that I try. (Apart from the Lucee server password.)

Ha! Ha! Solved. ‘Somehow’ (I suspect the browser’s habit of auto completing forms) the “default password” for all web admin had been completed! Pressing the delete button resolved the issue.

That is really odd. Thank you for taking the time to report back on what the fix was!