New site not processing CFM

Windows Server 2016 Standard
Installed used windows installer
Installed with the IIS Connector

First time using Lucee here, I can only post 2 links apparently so I will say:

Link1 =
Link2 =

My default site is working correctly, it will process CFM files.

I then added another site under IIS, Test1.

The location for Link1 on disk is c:\inetpub\wwwroot
The location for Link2 on disk is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Test1

If i go to Link1\Test1 it will parse CFM just fine
if I go to Link2\index.cfm It throws HTTP 500 error.

If I take out the CF code from the index.cfm Link2 will show the page no error 500.

I read the documentation, I do not see something I am missing. Would someone be so kind as to tell me what I may have missed? It acts as though it doesn’t know how to handle CFM inside the other site if it is reference by Link2, instead of Link1\Test1

Did you try this?

I had not, I appreciate the response!

I’d looked up how to add a site to Lucee but my google fu was weak because I didn’t get this page, I got another that basically said set it up through IIS.

I added what you’d written and it unfortunately didn’t change the results. Restarted tomcat, rebooted the server to make sure I didn’t miss something and still no joy.

Given it is the holidays and I had a day and half worth of “pet project time”, I am going to call this done for now and revert my test VM, I was exploring not having to go through Adobe for CF for the future.

I appreciate the response again, happy holidays!

You’re nesting your contexts - don’t do this. In addition to potential configuration issues, there are several security-related reasons not to do this. Try creating your new site in it’s own directory (rather than a subdirectory of your default site) and let us know if you don’t have better luck.


Site1: c:\inetpub\wwwroot (default site:
Site2: c:\inetpub\ (new site)