New release ( available

There is a new patch release ( available to install on the “dev”
and “preview” update provider.
Sadly the first release we did ( cannot be updated in The Lucee
Admin and needs a manual installation. Again sorry for that!

You can find the instructions for both here (and also instruction if you
are behind a firewall):

Have a good day

Release Notes:
[ #150 ] Error executing function tests as embedded Application.cfc was
missing TestBox archive
[ #78 ] Services - Update: Error “server failed to
return a valid response. The key [APIKEY] does not exist.”
[ #103 ] queryGetRow() function and Query.getRow() method
[ #145 ] Lucee logo and maximize/minimize button disappear with maximised
[ #147 ] structKeyExists return true for “server.railo”
[ #118 ] toBinary should not throw an error when 1st arg is an empty string
[ #136 ] Get off of Java 7
[ #143 ] testcases testbox archive not works
[ #139 ] Admin page broken - Remote: Security Key
[ #126 ] actions without text are not processed by cfhtmlhead and cfhtmlbody
[ #125 ] cfhtmlhead and cfhtmlbody ignore the id attribute
[ #3 ] dateDiff() method implemented incorrectly
[ #79 ] Axis info messages shouldn’t be logged
[ #4 ] cfhtmlhead does not work
[ #8 ] getID() built-in function conflicting with component functions

It would be great to have a persistent changelog for all versions
somewhere - I don’t mind adding it to the wiki, unless the website is
going to get a history page (as Railo website had)?

Oh and it shouldn’t include issues that were closed/rejected without
actually changing anything (e.g. “[ #136 ] Get off of Java 7”)

Would probably make sense to order them numerically within each version
too. (I’m assuming the order there is chronological based on when it
was resolved, but without a date it just looks muddled.)