New patch release (

There is a new patch release ( available to install on the “dev”
update provider.

You can find detailed instructions to update here (including instruction if
you are behind a firewall):

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Release Notes:
[ LDEV-24 ] queryExecute does not support passing arguments scope as param
[ LDEV-340 ] SpoolerEngineImpl$SimpleThread can get in an endless loop
[ LDEV-364 ] queryParam null=true doesn’t work for QueryExecute
[ LDEV-370 ] cfscript Query doesn’t play well with oracle parameters
[ LDEV-432 ] Better ORM Errors, Include SQL statement
[ LDEV-475 ] fileSetLastModified() Fails Silently on Non-Existent File
[ LDEV-476 ] built in function names reserved in cfinterface
[ LDEV-492 ] XML objects don’t cast to string properly
[ LDEV-501 ] PostgreSQL Driver Queries Fail in
[ LDEV-503 ] Lucee fails to read cookie
[ LDEV-504 ] controller thread can get blocked