New install - 500 errors. How do I disable HTTP status codes?

I just uninstalled ACF and installed Lucee. I’m getting 500 errors and they may be from the webserver. There was a place to turn off webserver errors in ACF - where is that setting in Lucee? I can’t find an exception log anywhere either :confused:

Learning curves suck :frowning:

What’s the error?

Just a generic 500 error. I can’t get debugging info to show. Trying to find out how to disable the HTTP status codes

Anything in the Tomcat or Lucee logs?

Can you access Lucee directly on 8888?

The administrator works. Datasources are set up, debugging template is set up with * IP range while trying to sort this out.

These are IIS connected sites. One site works the others don’t. In ACF the logs were available in the administrator, but I don’t want to have to go to the logs for every exception - thats what debug info is for. I don’t know where to look for logs. And in ACF this was fixed with a simple checkbox - disable HTTP status codes. I’m sure it’s something simple but without debug info there is nothing to go on.

There’s a log directory under each WEB-INF for every web root / context which has been accessed, plus the tomcat logs directory.

It sounds like you have a webserver level problem, which Lucee request debugging won’t even be reached if that’s the problem.

“I don’t want to check the logs” but I’ll ask for help on a mailing list instead is a bit lazy?

This should be added to the documentation somewhere. Thanks for your help.

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Which pages did you look at in the docs, i.e. can you suggest where should we add this useful tip?

also what was the actual error? (to help others facing the same problem)

It’s a generic 500 error from IIS as in the screenshot. ACF has an option in the administrator to disable those, but it’s badly placed (main options page). It should be in the debugging section. It would be best to figure out how to do that too since anyone from an ACF background will look in admin first.

There should be a top level troubleshooting section that you don’t have to dig for to compile stuff like this otherwise. The mountain of stuff to search through is overwhelming.

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Can you check for whether the IIS handlers for ACF are still on your system.
Sometimes they remain on the system after the uninstall.

If IIS is throwing 500, then, disabling status codes will not help you. You need to get detailed error messages instead.
If you wish to disable Tomcat sending 500 errors find the BonCodeAJP13.settings file normally in C:\Windows and add: <EnableHTTPStatusCodes>False</EnableHTTPStatusCodes>