New Email Options a backwards step for Lucee

While it’s great someone’s customised the lucee admin mailserver page, I was wondering how I add/remove items from that page.

Gmail / GMX / iCloud /MailCom / Outlook / Yahoo / Other

I’d also like to ask why the standard mail setup is now ‘other’ as it’s the most commonly used config?

Also how are you going to update server configs in core when the mail server configs change? How are you going to update a server on 4.2 when only 4.3 has the mail server changes? This is a great feature but is going to be horrid to maintain, and IMHO is a bad implementation, even if it was one client. That’s not a core update, it’s an extension feature, and shouldn’t require a core update to fix.

This should be an extension, not core, not even close to core, and there are far from enough options to configure things properly. Why do we have outlook and not office 365 (the most used email server gateway int he world by corporate?)… simply put this needs to be fixed.

We need to revert this change. Can we please have the standard SMTP server first and have an extension to provider further providers?

That makes sense to me, adding the temptation to use gmail, yahoo and iCLoud on a corporate sever is sys admin fail. We need a way to remove that.

Can we also create a change process for major changes like this to be discussed for a period of time before being hacked in?

Ignoring the put down of my Sys Admin skills since a small company I work with uses Google Business GMail.

I like the change. It makes it simple for adding some common providers. I agree on discussion of what services are on there. Office365 would be more useful for some of the others for me but maybe some of those are easier for Hosts.

The entry goes in the config file as the same as a regular SMTP entry. You can change the SMTP server name in the xml and after Lucee restart gets recognized as a regular Other/STMP. If a SMTP server changes, when the code is changed in Admin your old config will show as Other.

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