I created a CFC for the newer API. It was created from AuthNetTools that used to be available for AIM, CIM, and ARB. They donated the code for CIM and ARB since he is getting out of programming sales.
If you use, give it a try and let me know. It supports Payments API, CIM, ARB, and Accept Suite.


We wrote a full Accept Customer implementation last Summer and would like to modularize it to release it. It took some doing, for sure.

Any particular reason you implemented it in XML rather than JSON? I know their JSON implementation is largely just a wrapper for what is still an XML-driven API, but it makes it a lot easier to deal with.

I used XML because the original AuthNetTools already used it. Was just easier at the time. I have been using various versions of the file for over a year. Just kept adding things.

I do have a test file that uses a modified/fix Ortus/Camden StructToXML() function and can go to XML or JSON (using SerializeJSON) from the struct.