NEVERMIND - Cfcontent/pdf - 5 word line (or less) breaking at word 4 or less


I am creating a policy manual for an organization and the policy is in the database as individual items, etc. I output to the browser, no problem, CSS makes it look fine.

When I generate a PDF however, any short sentences are broken to form two lines


Q. Complete assigned tasks as required;

Is output in the browser just fine as one line. But when generating a PDF from that same output, it looks like:

Q. Complete assigned tasks as

And this happens no matter what formatting I attempt to use. Very frustrating. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

A search of this board did not return relevant results, nor has a web search.


UUGGH. So, after posting this, and after having spent several hours trying various CSS style attributes to fix, I tried something really simple - so simple it surely couldn’t work - and it did.

On the DIV where these items are output and the lines are broken, simply added:


Which of course I will integrate in the style sheet, but it works.

I swear I do research this before posting such a simple issue.

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Could you please post your Sample Code. It will helpful to replicate the issue and also describe your lucee and PDF version.


I updated my question to also provide the answer:


It was a CSS issue in the layout. I had tried all kinds of things - in the end it was simple.

This issue should be closed.