MySQL admin tool in CFML

Is there a WEB administrator tool for MySQL
running on a CFML engine ?

All I see are Under PHP.

Thanks for information.

Do you mean for administering your database? e.g. doing things like creating and modifying tables, viewing metadata, viewing data, etc… e.g. a GUI to your MySQL database? If so, then use a desktop tool like MySQL Workbench or Navicat. There is no reason to have database administration as a web-based tool really and only opens up additional routes of attack for malicious entities.

OK, good to know.

I will have a hosted client who will use MySQL
Wondering if he needs to administrate his databases through the web ?

I am the only one who could use a desktop tool.

Thanks for advise,

I would not recommend administering the database thru a web-URL, use desktop tools for this.

Why? Anyone can use a desktop tool if you give them the appropriate access rights, e.g. whitelist their IP, set them up a user with the appropriate access, etc… and they know what they are doing. If they can’t use a desktop tool, I would probably suggest they shouldn’t have access to the DB in the first place!!!

People coming from PHP/MySQL would like to have the same kind of tool :
This is what they ask for.
They may not have a fixed IP.
It seems to me simpler to have a web tool for clients.
If many people ask for it, It may be something to consider.
Thanks for your comments.

You can run PHP and PHPMyAdmin on the same server as you’re running Lucee if you really want to open that security hole on your server for client convenience.

Typically speaking, however, clients should not have direct access to a database in any fashion unless they a) are (highly) skilled in SQL and b) accept both the consequential and inconsequential damages of opening up that security hole and any damage they may do to the database (and subsequently any program you build around it).

It’s not just a security risk, it’s also a user error risk. If you’re willing to accept both of those, then I’d just go ahead and install PHP and PHPMyAdmin.

There was an effort (however small that was) to build a similar tool in CFML some years ago, but the project floundered and was never completed. Partially because, well, PHP can coexist with CF servers and those who wish to have a web client available usually just run PHPMyAdmin on a different port, and partially because giving clients direct access to a database has fallen out of favor due to the real world damage clients can (and have) done to them in the past.

If you, and your client, are willing to accept the risks, then go for it. I think that others here have simply cautioned, from their own experience, to be aware that you’re opening up Pandora’s box if you do.



I think that some re-education of your clients is required and there are other solutions to securing your server than IP address whitelisting, e.g. using an SSH tunnel, but like Denny says, giving clients direct DB access just isn’t a Pandora’s box you want to open!!! :slight_smile:

We use Ortus DataBoss for this. It allows ad hoc web based editing of the database as a drop in module. It’s a commercial product though.

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