Multiple sites in a CommandBox Lucee server

A “traditional” install, running behind Apache, runs Tomcat, and with mod_cfml will auto-create contexts for each site (based on the Apache VirtualHost’s ServerName). Based on my plowing through docs, CommandBox uses Undertow for the servlet container instead of Tomcat. So is there a way to handle multiple sites, by hostname, in a single instance of a CommandBox launched Lucee server?

@alan_reed The short answer is no, by design. CommandBox was designed with containers in mind where you have one process per site. Each CommandBox process gets one webroot. It would be possible to use undertow in such a way that we routed requests based on the hostname, but it’s not part of our roadmap. if you just have a handful of sites, it’s not a big deal since each individual site can have a smaller footprint. if you have many sites, then CommandBox may not work the best for you.