Multiple simultaneous Ajax requests are slow in lucee


any one knows why if there are Multiple simultaneous Ajax requests in lucee is more slow?
if I open the ajax using firebugs, it fast. Maybe there is some setting need to check ?



How are you measuring the “slowness”? Also, how many requests are we talking about? Is the browser queuing them?

if I monitor it from lucee log at adminsite, if the process Multiple simultaneous call from ajax it takes around 3 times. But if call 1 by 1 it is fast. Sorry im noob here, maybe there is some setting I need to check?

here is the info from lucee log, when the process from multiple ajax call. at on RequestStart looks strange.

![call the process only 1 time|690x413]

If I open the ajax only 1 time it is very fast.

Hard to say. You may have some locking contention inside your app that is single threading logic. Are you using a framework that is reloading on every request perhaps?

The best thing might be to simulate some load on the server and use a tool to grab some stack trace to see what the threads are doing. That will probably show you exactly what the threads are doing.

Forget about this, I have found the problem. I use virtual box, the problem is in virtual box only. WHen I install in another server, this is fine. So the problem is at my virtual box. Thanks for the help.